How to Qualify For an MBA in Canada For Indian Students

eligibility for mba in canada for indian students

Canada is an ideal location for students considering an MBA abroad, offering top business schools at reasonable fees and living costs that compare favorably with those found in the United States. Studying here also allows for invaluable international work experience as well as meeting professionals from around the globe.

To qualify for an MBA in Canada, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is necessary, along with passing the GMAT test with a high score. Furthermore, you may want to consider taking an English language course for enhanced skills development.

As the application process for an MBA degree in Canada can be lengthy, it is wise to begin the application process early. Researching universities and courses that interest you is the first step; then once you find an acceptable program you need to prepare your applications by creating a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) outlining all your professional experience and accomplishments as well as letters of reference from previous employers is next on the list.

Work experience can increase your chances of being accepted to an esteemed university. When researching admission requirements for your preferred institution, be sure to understand its specific admissions needs – some universities require certain work experience, while others prefer applicants without work experience at all. In addition, consider taking preparation courses for GMAT testing and English language examination.


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