New Zealand Study Visa Requirements For Students

New Zealand study visa requirements vary depending on the course or program that you are enrolling in, with proof of previous academic qualifications, financial support and medical exam being among them. Furthermore, New Zealand Immigration may request you submit to a chest x-ray from one of their appointed panel physicians if your country of origin or residency has an increased incidence of tuberculosis (TB).

Step one in applying for a New Zealand study visa is finding an education provider offering courses you are interested in taking. Once you have chosen an institution and met their admissions requirements and received an offer of enrollment, then the application process can begin.

Evidence of your ability to pay tuition fees must be presented, such as bank statements, scholarships, government support or sponsor agreements. You will also need a ticket out of New Zealand upon completing studies or enough funds available to purchase one.

At your interview for a New Zealand study visa, you will be asked questions regarding why and how you intend to study there, along with plans after you complete your degree. Be prepared to answer these queries honestly; if unsure, seek clarification before answering. If bringing along someone special such as a partner who will join in New Zealand studies with you, they must also be interviewed separately.


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