Why Study in South America?

Study in South America

South American countries and cities provide an abundance of educational experiences that will enrich both adventurers and academics alike, from learning a foreign language or immersing yourself in culture to visiting world-famous monuments. With its varied landscapes, vibrant cultures, vibrant societies, vibrant societies and varied climates – Latin America truly has something for everyone, which explains why so many students from around the globe choose South American universities for study purposes.

South America is one of the most desirable study abroad destinations, boasting several universities ranked highly by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Though one of the lesser-visited regions, South America offers a diverse array of climates from deserts and rain forests to snowy mountains as well as abundant natural resources and vibrant arts scenes – with Chile as an especially great choice for students due to significant advancements made in science and engineering fields; its Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile being recognized among Latin America’s premier universities by QS World University Rankings as ranked number three overall by QS World University Rankings.

Brazil has long been a top study destination, offering excellent infrastructure and environments in which to pursue degrees. Boasting some of the top universities in Latin America as well as an incredibly vibrant culture evident through food, music, dance and art – not to mention being an extremely welcoming population!

Panama is widely known for its stunning beaches and diverse rainforests, making it an excellent spot for exploring both the Amazon rainforest and Andes mountains and learning more about their indigenous people and culture.

Bogota boasts some of the world’s finest coffee, as well as an international array of cuisine. Additionally, its vibrant city is an absolute must-see; boasting a long and rich history as a major cultural, educational and commercial center.

As a student in South America, you will encounter various cultures and classes of society as you interact with locals from all backgrounds. By becoming acquainted with its diverse traditions, cultures, beliefs, and customs, you will gain a better understanding of global issues while becoming a more empathetic citizen of our globalized world.

As an international student in South America, you will discover an incredibly welcoming population. This is especially true if you can communicate in their native tongue – which varies dramatically across regions like Peru and Ecuador to choppy Chilean dialects and Brazilian Portuguese! Learning South American Spanish may present many unique challenges – you might even pick up slang terms or even some new idioms along the way!


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