Study Abroad Counselling

study abroad counselling

Study abroad counseling is an integral component of applying to universities abroad, and students often rely on school counselors, agents, independent counsellors, NRI uncles or even friends as sources for expert advice regarding applications and funding options. While all of these sources can provide invaluable assistance, structured counselling tailored specifically to each student is often preferable as opposed to transactional ones.

Counsellors offer professional guidance to prepare students for the cultural immersion inherent to studying abroad, as well as assist with language barriers and cultural differences. Furthermore, counselling services assist with visa processes – often challenging since requirements differ between countries – by helping compile necessary paperwork and submit applications for visas. Counsellors possess all of the relevant knowledge and information to aid students when applying for one.

Counseling involves developing relationships with students to understand their academic aspirations and career goals. Based on this information, counselors create a list of universities offering courses which best match each student. Furthermore, they may recommend scholarships or financial aid options which could assist in funding their studies.

Education counsellors work weekdays from an office environment. While their jobs tend to be sedentary, travel may sometimes be necessary when meeting clients or attending educational fairs or events. Furthermore, many education counsellors obtain certification to gain additional expertise.