Study Law in France in English

France offers much to those wishing to study Law, given its political and legal impact in international organizations like the EU, UN and EU parliament. Furthermore, French universities are highly esteemed and well known for the high standard of their law education – their degrees being recognised worldwide and being upheld internationally – making France an attractive option for students looking for international career experiences or simply exploring a different part of Europe or exploring something entirely new!

The University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne provides an intensive yearlong course called “Sorbonne LLM Business Law for Foreign Lawyers”, designed specifically for non-French speaking Master’s degree holders from foreign universities who wish to expand their understanding of both public and private law, European Union law as it applies to business activities in France and throughout Europe. Completion of this course qualifies you for LLB (License in Law) examinations to become a French lawyer.

This unique law degree available to international students across France combines knowledge gained at Queen Mary in London with one year in Paris to understand law within a bilingual legal culture. While studying LLB will cover foundations of English law (contracts, property law, torts law equity trusts and criminal law), one year spent studying French, comparative or European Law can add another layer to one’s knowledge.