Why Study Abroad After Graduation?

study abroad after graduation

If you want to expand your professional horizons, considering studying abroad may provide a competitive edge when applying for jobs; especially industries like law and psychology which require postgraduate study to qualify for certain positions.

While studying abroad may appear to be simply another line on your resume or something to spice up Instagram feed, it’s actually far more than that. Travelling teaches you independence, communication and the ability to navigate new and challenging situations more smoothly; plus it gives you an experience which will further open doors in terms of career opportunities in the future.

There is an array of study abroad programs available for students. Some are tailored toward specific disciplines, like business, engineering or language studies; while others allow for a more immersive experience allowing them to live with local families while taking classes at the local university. Prearranged housing and fees cover costs related to food, books and other daily expenses for such programs.

Other study abroad experiences may be more travel-centric. For example, The Mountbatten Institute provides young people an amazing opportunity to develop in London through full-time yearlong practical training placement. Work abroad schemes also exist for recent graduates looking to build up skills and experience before beginning their career (such as teaching English overseas).