Distance Learning Bachelor Degree

distance learning bachelor degree

Distance learning bachelor degrees provide students with a flexible option to learn at home via electronic media such as the internet, email and videoconferencing. Students typically study at their own pace and complete assignments when convenient – this form of distance education offers an alternative to full-time undergraduate programs that require them to attend classes 2 or 3 times every week.

Distance learning degree programs can be attractive options for many people, especially those working full-time or raising children. But distance learning might not suit every learner: some thrive better learning in groups while others struggle with self-motivation and discipline needed without an instructor guiding their studies. Furthermore, these types of programs tend to have lower graduation rates than residential or blended (partially residential/partly online) programs.

Distance learning degrees should offer a range of courses that enable students to develop skills across many areas. Students will also have access to tutoring, mentoring, and career advice services as well as online “office hours”, where questions can be submitted via email or instant messaging technology. Finally, an ideal program will optimize for mobile devices since many students use them access course content and complete assignments.