Express Education Expo

express education expo

Express education expo is an educational and career fair that connects students to universities, colleges, and employers. At this event, one-on-one conversations and workshops provide assistance for applications and interviews as well as skill building sessions, networking events and virtual job shadowing – in addition to EDUTalks and EDUTours that help students learn about industry practices.

At this fair, students can meet university delegates from various renowned institutions and discuss course offerings and admission requirements for admissions. Students also gain insight into their chosen profession as they compete against one another in various activities like fashion shows, dramatics shows, project displays and battle of bands/singing contests etc.

The Career Expo is an integral component of the district’s Real World Learning initiative and serves as a direct means of meeting its strategic plan objective that all graduates leave high school with at least one Market Value Asset (MVA), such as work experience, entrepreneurial experience, college credits or industry-recognized credentials.

To maximize the success of their career expo, school systems and organizations should identify a list of potential participants and secure their commitment by filling out a form similar to that found in Resources section. Once participants commit, send out participant checklist with logistics/contact information/map of fair floor/breakout session assignments/passport to future (or other tools) used by students when visiting exhibits at fair.