How to Apply For a UK Work Visa

uk work visa

The UK is an increasingly popular location for work, study and travel; however, its rules regarding visas and long-term stays can be complex and often change frequently.

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Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa – granted to experts in science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology and the arts and can be extended for five years; Tier 2 (General) visa – allows those outside the EEA and Switzerland who possess skills required for skilled jobs to work outside the EEA and Switzerland with sponsorship from licensed employers, as well as meeting minimum salary and savings requirements for an occupation that requires skill.

Welding trades – are only for skilled employees with at least three years’ experience as welders on-the-job; any such experience must not have been gained through illegal methods of work.

Charity Worker Visa – this visa permits volunteers to work at UK charities as volunteers. Applicants must possess both a sponsor license and sufficient savings in their bank accounts for support while volunteering here.

Government Authorized Exchange visa – this allows young people to take part in work or training placements at UK-based organizations with a sponsor license, including work/training placements that meet other criteria. Applicants must present job offers from UK sponsors as part of their application.

There are multiple paths to entering the UK workforce, which depend on your background and type of work you plan to perform. The UK’s new points-based system determines eligibility for work visas in an individual’s case.