List of Government Colleges in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand offers many advantages, from its breathtaking natural beauty and welcoming culture, to a superior educational system. Students can find a university that meets their academic needs for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate study; scholarships such as Commonwealth and Fulbright Scholarships may also be available to them.

Public universities across Canada are widely revered for their quality education and student learning experience, offering postgraduate and undergraduate degrees across many subjects and boasting high academic quality standards, research excellence and vibrant campuses.

Auckland universities with world-class reputations in teaching and research, such as the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology and Victoria University of Wellington are particularly appealing for international students due to their focus on real world skills learning environments that provide a stimulating learning experience.

As well as these public institutions offering world-class education, private institutions like the International Institute of Technology (IIT) in Auckland also offer top-class instruction, with such notable institutions as IIT winning the Prime Minister’s Supreme Award for Teaching Excellence due to its exceptional courses and teaching staff. Furthermore, this institution stands out by taking an innovative and dynamic approach to learning designed to increase career prospects within a global marketplace.