MBA Entrance Exam in the UK

entrance exam for mba in uk

If you’re considering an MBA program, the United Kingdom should be your go-to destination. Offering world-class MBA programs designed to equip students for real world business challenges and with vibrant multicultural cities that offer excellent living and learning environments; not to mention its vast array of international companies offering career opportunities to graduates!

The Master of Business Administration, commonly referred to as an MBA degree program, teaches managers and other professionals how to efficiently run businesses. An MBA can lead to increased job security, higher salaries and additional responsibility – which type of MBA best suits you depends on your desired career goals and preferences. There are various online and executive MBA options available as well.

Many UK universities require their applicants to possess either a minimum GPA or score on the Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly referred to as GMAT. This exam measures your strategic thinking ability, problem solving techniques and clear communication abilities while also testing writing and vocabulary skills. There are over 1,000 test centers worldwide offering GMAT exams; it’s crucial that applicants spend sufficient time preparing for them prior to applying for MBA programs.

Top MBA programs in the UK typically span one year, making it a suitable option for professionals who cannot take time off work for study. It should be noted, however, that some universities do not accept applicants with less than five years’ work experience.