Study in Abroad With Scholarship

study in abroad with scholarship

Study Abroad With Scholarship

Don’t let cost stand in your way from taking advantage of meaningful travel and study abroad opportunities. Scholarships can help cover costs while simultaneously streamlining the application process for your trip abroad adventure.

Many scholarships are awarded based on merit, with those who apply most competitively able to receive full or partial scholarships to support their study abroad programs. To stand out amongst your competition, it is key that you communicate your passions and goals convincingly as well as meeting all deadlines set by scholarship providers.

Scholarship providers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications every year; therefore it’s crucial that you make yourself stand out as a finalist by applying with care and consideration. That means taking time to research any scholarships of interest to you as well as gathering all required documentation before sending in an application.

Make sure that your essay showcases your unique skills, interests and experiences in an impressive fashion. Enlist the assistance of others if possible – especially if they have gone through the scholarship application process themselves and can offer impartial feedback – in reviewing it for you.

Beginning to apply for scholarships as soon as possible is always wise, and students often start applying the semester prior to going abroad. Education Abroad scholarships open alongside our initial program applications each term so you’ll have no difficulty submitting both applications at once!