Wildlife Internships Abroad

wildlife internships abroad

World is home to an astonishing variety of animal species, and one way to learn more is by interning on a wildlife conservation project abroad. Not only will this boost your resume and give you valuable work experience in the field, but it will also be an unforgettable travel opportunity and chance to experience new cultures first-hand.

No matter your interest, from marine biology and primates to savannah animals and more – an internship awaits that matches both your passions and career goals. To narrow down the possibilities, the first step should be identifying what species of wildlife you would like to study as well as where.

If sea turtles are something you are passionate about, consider doing an internship in Bali where you will assist with efforts to protect the island’s endangered population. Over a six-week program you will assist with feeding and cleaning turtles at local conservation centers as well as contributing other proactive conservation measures.

South Africa is an idyllic destination for wildlife conservation, making it the ideal place for interning in veterinary science. By joining Natucate’s internship, you will get hands-on experience treating various animals–baboons to porcupines–while honing your skills in the lab and carrying out biodiversity research in El Sira Communal Reserve which hosts animals like giraffes and zebras.