Study Medicine Abroad in English

study medicine abroad in english

Studying medicine abroad in English is increasingly popular as an excellent way for aspiring doctors to overcome highly competitive admission requirements in their home countries. Internationally recognised degrees also give students access to different healthcare systems as they gain experience across borders. Finally, international students learn self-reliance and discipline as a result of living in another country which will give them an edge when entering the job market and set them apart from their peers.

At present, approximately 40 European universities offer medicine taught in English. Each has unique entry requirements; one factor they all share, though, is English language proficiency – typically, applicants needing admission must achieve at least 6.5 in IELTS or TOEFL to be considered for entrance; some universities may also include additional requirements like Biology, Chemistry and Physics test scores as well as high school grades in those subjects.

Studying medicine in Europe resembles that of studying it in the UK with some minor exceptions. Germany for instance offers universities offering both German- and English-taught Medicine; those that do are usually more selective, offering only limited spaces and often only requiring candidates who scored highly on IMAT or GAMSAT exams to enroll. Furthermore, private universities in Southern Europe also teach medicine exclusively in English at lower tuition fees than their UK counterparts.