Student Visa Without IELTS

A student visa without IELTS is a dream come true for any student who wants to study in Poland. IELTS is not the only exam which is mandatory for the Polish student visa. Even if a student gets hold of a free study visa, he will have to take the board exams too. So, what are the different requirements for this type of visa? Below are the three main factors:

The first requirement is that the student should be able to pass both the board exams and the IELTS. The reason why this exam is mandatory is because it has proven to be highly successful. IELTS is one of the widely known assessment tools and it covers a lot of topics that include language, reading and writing. This means that any student who wants to study in Poland will not have much problem when it comes to passing the test. So, the next requirement is the age of the student. The minimum age for a student visa without IELTS is 18 years. Apart from age, the student’s identity card must also be updated with the IELTS score of the student.

Another thing that a student must be aware of before applying for a free study visa is that he will have to submit an IELTS exam score proof. Students can submit the documents like diplomas, transcripts etc. If you want to study in Poland without IELTS, then you must remember that you need a separate IELTS exam. Again, the age limit and the other requirements will be different when you apply for a student visa with the help of free study visa. So, apply for a free study visa and start planning your Polish trip! In fact, there are lots of scholarships and grants which allow you to study in Poland.


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