Why Choose Sydney For Study?

Aside from its natural beauty, Sydney is an exciting destination for international students. It is the most populous city in Australia, and one of the most livable.

The city is renowned for its scenic attractions, such as its harbour, mountains, beaches and many others. The city is also home to five large universities. These institutions offer a range of globally-recognised courses.

Many international students are drawn to the diverse culture of Sydney. There are numerous museums and cultural attractions to explore. Students can easily access these attractions through the city’s extensive public transport system.

Besides the famous Harbour Bridge, the most iconic building in the city is the Sydney Opera House. In addition, the city is home to several landmarks, such as the Museum of Sydney, Art Gallery NSW and many more.

As a student in Sydney, you will enjoy a number of free events and activities. Among them, you can take in the impressive sights of the Sydney Opera House, sail on the harbour, and enjoy an array of water sports.

Another interesting feat of the Sydney is its public transport system. It offers comfortable buses, trains, ferries, and even Opal cards. All of these are easily accessible to international students.

Despite its status as a world-class destination for study, the city also boasts of a vibrant economy. It is home to several leading businesses, including three on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Another good reason to study in Sydney is the quality of its academic institutions. Several prestigious universities, as well as vocational colleges, are located in the city. Some of them are ranked among the top 50 universities in the world.


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