Study in USA After 12th

If you are a high school graduate from a foreign country and want to study in the USA, you have to meet certain requirements to get admission. You may have to write the SAT or GRE exams, and you will also have to submit your high school grades.

Getting a degree from a US university can open up a plethora of career opportunities. Many top schools offer financial aid, as well as grants and fellowships. For more information, contact a consultant who can help you with your application.

Students from India are increasingly choosing to study in the United States. It is an attractive destination for Indian students, due to its lifestyle, opportunities, and ROI. The US has a large pool of universities, including the Ivy League, and international students have many options to choose from.

Before applying to a university, international students should research the programs offered and select the course that best suits their interests. They should then start planning the application process a year or so before they plan to move to the US.

One of the most important factors for getting admission to a US university is the SAT score. A good SAT score will allow you to apply to top-ranked universities.

English language proficiency is another requirement. To prove your English skills, you can take an English language test, such as TOEFL. An international student should also submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or faculty member at a recognized school or university.


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