Top 10 English Speaking Colleges in Europe

english speaking colleges in europe

When seeking a place to study, it’s essential that the institution you select provides both academic quality and support. Fortunately, there is an array of colleges in Europe that teach English so you can pick one that best meets your educational requirements and interests.

Top 10 English Speaking Colleges in Europe

When looking at the top European institutions offering English-language programs, some are situated in countries where it’s a native tongue while others are enclaves within countries where English isn’t as widely spoken. Regardless, these colleges provide high-quality bachelor’s degree programs taught in English.

ETH Zurich

As one of Europe’s top-ranking universities, ETH Zurich stands out for its academic excellence and global reach. This Swiss institute offers a vast selection of undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, including many science, technology, and engineering programs.

Free University of Berlin

One of Germany’s oldest research universities, the Free University of Berlin offers several English-language degree programs and provides free tuition – an enormous benefit to students who need to save money while in school.


RTU, Latvia’s largest polytechnic university, offers English-taught programs that are rigorous and hands-on. It also boasts an impressive international student body which provides exceptional support services to help you adjust to life in the EU.

University of Crete

The University of Crete is a research-oriented university on the island of Crete in Greece. It was ranked fifth best worldwide by Times Higher Education and boasts one of the best student services in Europe.


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