Study in Malta and Immerse Yourself in the Culture of Malta

Study in Malta

Study in Malta provides foreign students with an unforgettable cultural experience on one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning islands. As an English-speaking country, Malta makes it easier for international students to make friends and adjust to their surroundings quickly – its spectacular scenery and friendly locals provide students with an unforgettable experience!

Malta is also part of the European Union and participates in the Bologna Process for university compatibility in Europe, giving students who attend universities in Malta more flexibility for their future career paths by easily transferring credits between countries.

Malta stands out as an affordable study abroad option with plenty of benefits at a much lower cost than many European countries. Average monthly living costs for international students range between 500-800 Euros depending on housing, lifestyle choices and whether or not they live alone or share housing arrangements – making Malta an affordable solution for anyone wanting to experience living on this remarkable island while simultaneously receiving world-class education.

University of Malta does not charge tuition fees to international students from countries within the European Economic Area (EEA), however fees can differ significantly between courses for non-EU/EEA nationalities; students should consult their admission office for specific details regarding tuition costs.

Students studying in Malta can apply for various visas. If you come from outside of EU/EEA membership, however, a residence permit will be necessary in order to study there; it must be renewed every year so as to remain valid; students with this type of permit are also able to work part-time while attending classes here.

Before heading off to Malta for studies, the best way to prepare is to enroll in an English language course in your home country. Maltese universities require applicants with good levels of English to enroll in degree programmes – so English language programs in Malta come in various levels so that you can find one to meet your needs!

After graduating from your studies in Malta, you will possess the essential skills needed for success in professional environments worldwide. Your ability to communicate in various situations and your knowledge of marketing, finance, negotiation, presentation and more will give you an edge in the job market and increase the odds of landing the dream job you seek – regardless of industry.


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