Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland continues to draw an increasing number of foreign students due to its top-ranked universities, international collaborations, and rich cultural heritage. Due to reduced corporate taxes, several multinational companies such as Google and Linkedin have set up European headquarters here – creating employment opportunities for non-EU graduates upon their graduation from university.

Trinity College Dublin stands as Ireland’s highest rated university and enjoys global renown. Situated along Europe’s western edge, its lush green campus provides a safe and welcoming learning environment in one of the world’s most welcoming countries – Ireland! Trinity has educated many distinguished poets and writers such as Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker; playwright Samuel Beckett; William Trevor and John Millington Synge; archaeologists Edward Gibson and Lynn Ruane; historians George Berkeley and Edmund Burke; philosophers Edward Carson and James McGrath as well as politicians Douglas Hyde Eamon de Valera ad Mary Robinson!

Irish universities provide students with an impressive variety of courses. There are seven traditional research-led public universities including University College Dublin, Cork, Galway and National University of Ireland Maynooth as well as government-funded institutes of technology which also award higher education qualifications.

EduRank provides a ranking of Ireland’s 32 best universities based on research outputs, non-academic prominence and alumni influence. As an independent rankings platform that uses valid and objective web metrics rather than self-reported information to measure quality universities.