International Architecture Internships

international architecture internships

Architects play an invaluable role in our society – from building homes for millions of people worldwide, designing shopping centers and other public spaces, and producing stunning works of art. Interning at an architectural firm is an excellent way to build your portfolio while learning about different architectural ideas and trends while gaining practical work experience.

Network with architects who have already interned, and ask about their experiences and projects they worked on as interns. You could also inquire as to how you could gain internship with their firm. Alternatively, reach out to local architecture firms and inquire if any need interns. If so, arrange interviews and discuss what the position would entail; prepare answers for questions such as “Why do you want to work in architecture?” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Additionally, remember to dress professionally!

Many countries offer international architecture internships. Canada, Australia and the UAE are among the many that provide this experience; Dubai in particular stands out due to its modern high-rises and stunning buildings; similarly the UAE is experiencing a building boom which could improve infrastructure; finally Australia boasts rich history that manifests in its architecture production.


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