How to Renew a Trinidad Passport

How to Renew a Trinidad Passport
Trinidad passports are valid for five years at a time. You are able to renew your Trinidad passport at a local immigration office or in any Trinidad and Tobago mission on the planet. You may also hire the services of a travel service in your area to help you with your passport renewal. As with other passports, a Trinidad passport requires a written program, proof of identity and a processing fee. Speak to the local mission for office hours because these may change.
Download the Passport Application Form for your age category from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago website. For younger applicants, obtain the form for minors. Fill out the shape except for areas designated for official use or for the watch (Recommender).
Locate an eligible Recommender to signal Section 4: "Record of Recommender." The Recommender must confirm your identity and the truthfulness of your statements in the application form. This individual has to be a Trinidad citizen and must have known you for at least three years. A Recommender should belong to a qualifying profession such as a religious minister who can do wedding ceremonies, a bank supervisor or director, a specialist college graduate, a teacher or principal, a police officer, a member of Parliament, a mayor, a senior public official, a member of the Defense Force (ranking at the very least a Corporal top Seaman), a notary public or justice of the peace or comparable.
Prepare two passport photographs of yourself in full front view. (31 x 41 mm), in dimension, coloured and have been taken within the previous six months. Do not wear dark eyeglasses unless you've got a physical handicap that warrants it. Put on a head dress just if needed for medical or religious purposes. Do not staple, pin or glue the photos to the program form.
Collect documents that prove your Trinidad citizenship. These contain your birth certificate, your Trinidad passport or identification card and marriage certificate for married ladies. If you changed your name for reasons aside from union, submit an application poll also. In case you were born outside of Trinidad and Tobago and maintain citizenship through your parents, or adoption, registration or naturalization, gather proof of exactly the same.
Attach your most recent Trinidad passport, whether or not it is expired.
Make copies of all of your paperwork too.
Current your entire application package at an immigration office in Trinidad and Tobago. If you're elsewhere in the world, apply at a Trinidad and Tobago mission. Review your program to make sure it is correct.


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